Sis Marilyn Davis (Choir and Music Ministry)

Marilyn has been involved with music from a young age, receiving musical influences from her mother and the church. She received the call of the Lord to minister in the church’s musical ministry as a teacher and musician and started to teach her first group of singers soon after she became a born again Christian at the age of 12. Marilyn has a strong passion for music but particular for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach and uplift hearts in worship and service to the Lord. She enjoys her role as church organist and directing and playing for her local church choir. Marilyn has helped in the development of a dynamic Croydon Choir that blesses the hearts of its hearers. She also finds the time to give keyboard and singing lessons to adults and children in her local community, who go on to minister in their own churches. She feels very privileged to be part of this special ministry and to be doing the work that God has called her to do.