Elder Campbell

Elder Edward Campbell

Elder Campbell is one of the original founders of the Church in Croydon, and is a well-respected member of the church.

Pastor Campbell was baptised at the age of 16 at Beeston Street, Pink lane, Jamaica.  In those early years, he loved riding his bicycle, as he went visiting the sick in their homes, those in hospital laying hands and praying for them.  He has truly been devoted to the Lord from his youth.

His first appointment was as an Evangelist where he served in the Hendon, London branch faithfully from 1982 to 1991.  Following this, he was ordained an elder and served the church in Longsight Manchester, until 2013 always striving to do his best for the Lord.

There have also been other churches which he has mentored along the way.

Elder Campbell’s recreational time is spent playing his favourite game of cricket, watching football and gardening.

Despite working for many years as a qualified electrician, God’s work always took first place in his heart.

Elder Eddie Campbell loves the Lord.  He is a virtuous humble man of God and his loving character has drawn many people to enter into a relationship with Christ.