Glen Hill

Pastor Glenford Hill

Pastor Glen was born in Jamaica and came to England to join his family in 1976.  He became a baptised member of the Church Of God (Seventh day) in 1982 and was ordained a Deacon eight years later in 1990.

His love of music has been evident from youth, when he could be found playing regularly in church services.  Over the years he has developed his skills and is now a talented musician teaching others the importance of music in ministry. Not only is he a member of the church choir and leadership team, but he is also a popular teacher of the 9 to 12 year old children in Sabbath School.  In addition to this, his knowledge and understanding of the Bible under the leading of the Holy Spirit, enables him to be a powerful and effective teacher.

He is a family man and is well known for his sense of humour, bringing a smile to the faces of those around him. After serving faithfully in the Church for many years as a Deacon,he was ordained as a Pastor at the Bi Annual Convention in July 2016.